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Wedding Cards

Wedding cards are sent out to family members, relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances to invite them to attend a wedding ceremony. Sending out invitation cards for the purpose of a marriage is quite an old custom. In Indian wedding tradition, this custom of sending formal invitation is being practiced for generations together.

Purpose of a Wedding Card

In Indian homes, wedding cards are printed from both the groom’s family and the bride’s family. This wedding custom of Hindu marriages is still carried out keeping in mind the formal customs of arranged marriages. This is a formal notification of an approaching marriage ceremony at home. Generally, wedding cards are sent out 6 to 8 weeks before the pre-fixed date of the wedding.

Tradition of Sending Wedding Cards in Indian Marriages

For Indian marriages, it is only a single wedding card that announces the date and venue of the marriage. Unlike western tradition, it is not customary to send any RSVP or Thank You cards to invitees attending the wedding. This practice more or less implies to the Indian marriage tradition where the number of invitees was not restricted and invited families could bring as many family members with them. At an Indian marriage ceremony, the total number of guests often exceeds 500 and this is a very common practice. In South Indian families the trend of giving out reception cards has been recently started.

Wedding Card Designs

A very basic design that is followed in Hindu wedding card is adding an idol of Lord Ganesha to it, which symbolizes peace and prosperity. Generally, a card printed for the purpose of wedding is ornate and embellished. But in the recent days, people prefer minimal of designs on a wedding card. In most of the cases, the look and feel of a wedding card is decided based on the budget. Use of traditional symbols of love and marriages are very much prevalent in Indian wedding cards. Wide varieties of images are also printed on the wedding cards to make them look more gorgeous. For Hindu marriages, generally some conventional symbols like the Swastik, Doli, Lord Ganesha, Om, Kalash etc are being used. Cards for Christian marriages may be printed with certain Christian symbols on them. In Islamic marriages, prevalence of symbols of the crescent moon and stars or the holy digits of 786 is seen.

For a wedding card, a number of printing types are used. The most prevalent ones are thermography, engraving, digital printing, letterpress and offset or lithography. Embossed wedding card design is also a very popular design. At Indian households, wedding cards are either handmade or delivered by specific service providers. For those young couple who wish to do it on their own started the trend of sending inkjet or laser printed wedding cards to guests.

It is a commonly followed trend to send wedding invitation cards in double envelops. The inner envelop which is not gummed is crafted to fit the outer envelop which is properly fixed with adhesive. If the cards are mailed then the name and address of recipients are to be mentioned on the outer envelop. Members of Indian family even when personally inviting guests offer wedding card as a customary practice.

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